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FAQ by Calabro
FAQ by BVS Tools
R.I.P. (Riks Info Page)
AS400 Pro
iSeries-user (formerly 400Times)
Astradyne-UK (Jonathan Mason)
AS400Tips - Q&A collected by Otto Zehetner
BPCS/400 Doc Sources (Al Macintyre)
BPCS/400 & Query/400 Techniques (.doc)

iSeries Timeshare

IBM i Development in the Cloud
Production work loads and commercial development (building software for resale) cannot be allowed due to our agreement with IBM.

Holger Scherer (RZKH - Germany)
Rikas Communications
Innovative Systems & Timeshare & Cloud

Online articles

eServer Magazine - iSeries
MC Press Online
iSeries Network - News/400
MidrangeServer Online
Search400 Online
Ignite400 Online
Shannon O'Donnell Online Articles Index

iSeries Tech

System Reference Code (SRC)
IBM System i Certifications
iSeries Net.Data
iSeries Net.Data Forum
iSeries Net.Data Examples
iSeries Performance Center
IBM alphaWorks
Software Knowledge Base
Servers and Ports Required By CA Express
Network Commands
AS/400 TCP/IP Configuring for the Internet
AS/400 Processor Summary
WDSCi Tutorials
System i Server Table
iSeries Upgrade Planning
iSeries NetServer
RPG IV Enhancements for V6R1, ect.

The Legends of iSeries
The old Days of IBM