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Alan Campin - Console Monitor

Console Monitor Readme
Objects & Source (zip)

Uploaded: 2013.06.17
Updated : 2013.06.26

Alan Campin - Loading Service Programs Dynamically

Load Dynamically Readme
Objects & Source (zip)

Uploaded: 2011.12.31
Updated : 2011.12.31

Alan Campin - Docu: Using Nulls in RPG and SQL

Using Nulls in RPG and SQL

Uploaded: 2011.06.03
Updated : 2011.06.09

Alan Campin - FTP Objects between Systems

Objects & Source (zip)

Uploaded: 2011.04.06
Updated : 2011.04.11

Alan Campin - Trigger Mediator V2R1.

Readme (txt)
Documentation (doc)
The file(zip)

A frozen version of OS V5R1

Uploaded: 2008.07.01
Updated : 2008.07.01

Alan Campin - Simple Socket Client Program

SockClient Readme
Objects & Source (zip)

Uploaded: 2008.06.18

Alan Campin - XVSETO - Set SQL query options

Objects & Source (zip)

Uploaded: 2008.02.10
Updated : 2008.07.08

QSAMPLER - Print examples

SAVF & Readme (zip)

Uploaded: 2007.10.21

Rob Berendt - ANZOBJCVN (For Pre V5R3 machines)

Read me (at
Savefile (savf)
Missing source (QBNRSPGM)

Uploaded: 2007.10.04
Updated : 2012.11.26

Albert York - TNAPI - Telnet API

TNAPI Readme
Source & Example (zip)

Uploaded: 2007.07.12
Updated : 2014.03.26

Alan Campin - XVSRTQ - Dynamic sort of data

Objects & Source (zip)
XVSRTQ Change Log (txt)

Uploaded: 2007.02.20
Updated : 2007.08.30

Alan Campin - INDENT - indents RPG Code

Indent Readme
Objects & Source (zip)
Indent Change Log (txt)

Uploaded: 2007.01.25
Updated : 2007.01.27

Alan Campin - IDATE - iSeries Date Conversion

iDate Readme
Objects & Source (zip)
iDate Change Log (txt)

Uploaded: 2007.01.05
Updated : 2007.09.26

Alan Campin - COMPILE - Make Objects From Source

Objects & Source (zip) R5M1
Objects & Source (zip) R5M2
COMPILE Change Log (txt) R5M1

I created a new version of COMPILE called iBuild. You can download it at

Uploaded: 2006.05.29
Updated : 2023.11.17

Terry Anderson - Record lock... then popup.

What's this about ?
Show Record Lock (zip)

Uploaded: 2006.05.26

Rob Berendt - Delete Journal Receivers after x-days.

Read me
JrnRcv (zip)

Uploaded: 2006.02.28


Read me / Install
Retrieve Command (zip)

Uploaded: 2012.07.20
Updated : 2012.07.21

Dave McKenzie - Undel II (undelete records).

Read me / Install (v2.0.7)
Undel2 v. 2.0.7 (zip)

Read me / Install (v2.0.6)
Undel2 v. 2.0.6 (zip)

Uploaded: 2006.01.19
Updated : 2012.07.20

Paul Nelson - Copy physical and all of its logicals.

Read me / Install
DUPRDO (savf)

Uploaded: 2006.01.05

Upgrading... then read "Memo to User"

OS/400 v. 5.1
OS/400 v. 5.2
OS/400 v. 5.3
i5/OS v. 5.4
i5/OS v. 6.1
i5/OS v. 7.1
i5/OS v. 7.2

Updated : 2014.08.14

OS/400 max. capacities and limits

OS/400 v. 4.4
OS/400 v. 4.5
OS/400 v. 5.1
OS/400 v. 5.2
OS/400 v. 5.3
i5/OS v. 5.4
i5/OS v. 6.1
i5/OS v. 7.1
i5/OS v. 7.2

Updated : 2014.08.14

XML Parser v. 4.5


Denis Robitaille - pre-compiler

UK Documentation
FR Documentation
The file(drtemp.savf)
Some of my examples

Download PTF's from IBM FTP server in batch.

Chris Bipes - Read me
The file(

Create LODRUN-able CD's w/ CMS/400 v. 3.12

The SAVF & Doc.(

Utilities from Peter Colpaert

Provides a friendly alternative to DSPFFD, with the possibility to create DDS source in case of a PF
(changed 2013.04.23)

Creates a copy of a spooled file, with a possibility to change the spooled file name and the user profile

Creates an Excel file (using POI) of any PF on the system
(changed 2005.02.28)
If you get an error - read this

Retrieves the (first encountered) IP address for a job

SUDOKU Solver - 5250

In trouble with SUDOKU?? Not any more.
Dave Kahn made this program to solve (or create) a SUDOKU.

What does it do ??
SUDOKU programs in plain text
SUDOKU (.savf) R5V1

Updated 2005.11.08

Copy libraries to another iSeries with FTP

Read me / Install

Uploaded: 2006.10.18

HSSF POI Values for Color and Pattern

Using Scott Klement's articles from iSeriesNetwork about HSSF POI, I had a small problem with a project - coloring some cell's. Google'd - but couldn't find any info about color values in Excel. Made some changes to Scott's demoprogram: COLORDEMO. If of any interest.... you need to have Scott's source - which can be found at

ColorDemoX contains a SAVF with the source R. 5.1


Show me those funny Hex Values

After an idea talking with Al Mac, I did this program.
HEXVAL contains a SAVF with the source V5R1.

Compiling instructions
Display Hex Values

Are you saving the right stuff on your AS/400

Have an AS/400 model 400 with 12 disks, one of them insisted to 'retire'.

No Raid and no Mirror.

Just two tapes with SAVSYS (option 21) in my hand.

Searching for help at and other places, I found an excelent overview from IBM, about what to save (and restore) with the options from the save menu.

Backup/restore overview provided by IBM (.pdf)

Uploaded: 2006.02.22


WRKDBF isn't available for free any more.

Bill Reger has made it Shareware.

You can find WRKDBF here.

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